Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

What Types Of Damages Can Injury Victims Claim?

Laurie Flores

Personal injury lawyers frequently field questions about the kinds of damages folks might be able to claim. If you're trying to figure out whether your case may lead to compensation, you should look at these 6 types of damages.

Medical Expenses

Any medical expenses necessary to either improve or stabilize your situation after an incident are potentially compensable. Past, present, and future expenses are all eligible. If you required surgery to address spinal damage, for example, those expenses should go into your claim. Likewise, any long-term care costs, such as in-home nursing and medical devices, are also compensable.


Notably, disfiguring injuries are only covered if they involve parts of the body a person normally shows in the course of daily life. Anything on or around the face counts. Generally, visible disfigurement of the hands and forearms is also likely to lead to compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Most personal injury law firms in America will encourage victims to seek compensation for pain and suffering. In the legal sense, this refers to the direct results of the injuries. For example, someone who had their leg crushed in an accident would sue for the pain they endured. This includes pain that was endured during the treatment and recovery processes. If you're still in pain, that may lead to further compensation.

Emotional Trauma

Under some circumstances, you may also be able to seek money to cover emotional traumas. This class of injuries is different than pain and suffering because it involves anxiety, fear, and worries that come from an incident. Someone who struggles to get into a car and go to the store because they were in an accident, for example, is experiencing trauma.

Replacement of Damaged or Destroyed Property

Although not always the biggest part of these kinds of cases, the loss of property is still compensable. Suppose a driver had hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian would likely be able to demand compensation for the loss of a cell phone and laptop due to the incident.

Enjoyment of Life

Your capacity to enjoy life matters in the eyes of the law. This includes things like hobbies, consortium with a spouse, and the ability to parent your child. In the case of a hobby, you'll have to provide evidence that attests to how much you engaged in it. Likewise, anyone making a consortium claim will have to demonstrate that they are legally married. Similar logic may apply to parenting claims in terms of proving that a child is genetically yours or legally in your custody.

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