Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

No-Fault Insurance Attorney

Laurie Flores

Accidents that occur are not always easy to remedy alone. The accident may have placed one or more people in the hospital or rendered their vehicle useless. There are many challenges to regaining what was lost during the accident. It can take a bit of time in some cases to know the true extent of the loss. Here are a few ways a professional no-fault insurance attorney can help. 

The family attorney is not always the best choice for handling an accident or injury case. They are usually open to helping a family they have an established history with but are lacking accident experience. They may not know valuable information, and common questions and processes could take their office several weeks. Skip their lack of experience and find qualified help with current accident and injury experience. 

Reach out to a no-fault insurance attorney for a private consultation. This consultation may have an upfront fee, but it will give definitive direction on what to do next. This is important when there are various decisions that need to be made in a timely fashion. The attorney can go over the details of the case and clarify which benefits can be pursued through no-fault claims. 

Being open with the attorney about all aspects of medical care are important. The no-fault claims include a provision for medical expenses that are incurred directly from the accident. This includes the immediate hospital bills, provider visits, tests, and ongoing therapy needed for recovery. Income that has been drastically reduced from the inability to work can be devastating financially. A portion of lost wages can be obtained through no-fault claims benefits. Keep good records of all additional help that was needed related to medical care. This could have been hiring help around the house and transportation to and from medical appointments. In cases where death occurred and no-fault claims apply, there may be additional money available for the remaining family members. 

Working with the insurance company is still necessary after hiring an attorney. The attorney can certainly step in and provide additional support services when appropriate. The attorney can help provide a support system by giving advice and actively moving the case forward. Resolving all the issues caused by the accident will take time. Inquire during the initial consultation how long it will take for the office to start the filing the necessary paperwork to move the case forward. Act today and hire a professional no-fault insurance attorney.


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Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

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