Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

Personal Injury Attorneys: Getting What You Deserve

What To Do If You're Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident

Laurie Flores

Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere, and they can lead to injuries ranging from minor bruises, strains, and sprains to severe soft tissue or bone damage that might require time off work, months of treatment, or surgery. 

Report the Incident

It's important to report any slip and fall accident you're involved in immediately, even if you're not sure whether you're injured. Some symptoms of injuries can take a day or more to manifest, and if you don't report your fall at the time it occurs, you'll find it much harder to prove the circumstances of your accident. 

Report your fall to the property owner or manager as soon as you can, preferably in writing. Stay objective when you report your fall. Don't discuss the circumstances beyond the location, date, and time you fell without discussing it with an attorney.

Seek Medical Treatment

Seek prompt medical attention if you're involved in a slip and fall accident. The sooner you seek medical attention, the more convincing your case will be, so it's best not to wait days or weeks before you see a doctor. 

If emergency responders, such as paramedics, get called to the scene, allow them to examine you thoroughly. Visit a doctor on your own if emergency responders do not transport you to a medical facility.

Follow all treatment instructions given to you by doctors and specialists you see about your injury. Following treatment protocols correctly will strengthen your personal injury case so you can recover compensation to cover your medical expenses.

Gather Documentation and Evidence

Documenting the accident and your injury thoroughly makes it more likely for you to get a fair settlement offer from an insurance company or to win a personal injury lawsuit. 

Take pictures of the location you fell as soon as you can after your accident. This helps document the exact conditions of the location and may help you prove the property owner was negligent in keeping the area reasonably safe.

Get contact information for any witnesses to your fall. Keep all of the medical records related to your injury. Take photos of your injuries at regular intervals during the healing process.

Contact an Attorney

It's best to contact a personal injury lawyer in your area after any injury caused by another person or business's negligence. Even if you don't file a personal injury lawsuit, an attorney can help you negotiate with insurance companies and get the compensation and care you deserve.

Don't make any statements to the property owner or manager, police, insurance company, or any other entity without consulting with your attorney first. Even statements that might seem to be completely benign could hurt your case, so it's best to direct all involved parties to contact you through your lawyer.

To learn more about slip and fall cases, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area.


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